School library support for students with Special Educational Needs : A comparison of libraries at two Special Schools in Japan

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The purpose of this study is to examine ways that school libraries are becoming more involved in Special Needs education. To do so, the author sets three tasks: (1) To clarify the kind of special support needed for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN); (2) To examine the kinds of special support actually being provided to student library users at two special schools; and (3) To determine the skills needed by professional school library personnel to provide this special support. As a method, the kinds of special support provided by two Special School libraries are compared, in particular the type of special support associated with reasonable accommodation. Library staff at both of the schools examined foster student independence in learning and use assistive technology (AT) in their library environment. The following practices were found to improve the school library experience for SEN students: (1) Organization of special needs materials in ways that improve accessibility; (2) Provision of suitable student-focused, visualized resources by library staff to assist library users to locate materials; (3) Providing procedures or worksheets to educate and equip library users proactively; and (4) Supporting the self-affirmation of SEN students by having library staff provide sympathetic assistance and understanding. Regarding the skills necessary for professional school library personnel to provide sufficient support for SEN students, for both teacher librarians and school librarians the fundamental requirement is to understand the characteristics of various disabilities and the stage of development of the students, as well as the ability to provide visualized services through AT tools such as the accessible, multimedia DAISY libraryspecial supportstudents with SENvisualizationassistive technology


  • 佛教大学教育学部学会紀要

    佛教大学教育学部学会紀要 (18), 55-66, 2019-03-30



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