Study of entropy production in Yang-Mills theory with use of Husimi function

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The 33rd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, 14 -18 July 2015, Kobe International Conference Center, Kobe, Japan - Nonzero Temperature and Density (talks).Understanding the thermalization process in a pure quantum system is a challenge in theoretical physics. In this work, we explore possible thermalization mechanism in Yang-Mills(YM) theory by using a positive semi-definite quantum distribution function called a Husimi function which is given by a coarse graining of the Wigner function within the minimum uncertainty. Then entropy is defined in terms of the Husimi function, which is called the Husimi-Wehrl(HW) entropy. We propose two numerical methods to calculate the HW entropy. We find that it is feasible to apply the semi-classical approximation with the use of classical YM equation. It should be noted that the semi-classical approximation is valid in the systems of physical interest including the early stage of heavy-ion collisions. Using a product ansatz for the Husimi function, which is confirmed to reproduce the HW entropy within 20% error (overestimate) for a few-body quantum system, we succeed in a numerical evaluation of HW entropy of YM fields and show that it surely has a finite value and increases in time.


  • Proceedings of Science

    Proceedings of Science (251), 2016-07-15

    Sissa Medialab


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