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総務省戦略的情報通信研究開発推進制度(SCOPE)特定領域重点型研究開発 次世代ヒューマンインタフェース・コンテンツ技術視覚情報に基づく人間とロボットの対面およびネットワークコミュニケーション(051303007)平成17年度〜平成19年度 総務省戦略的情報通信研究開発推進制度(SCOPE)研究成果報告書(平成20年3月)研究代表者 久野 義徳(埼玉大学大学院理工学研究科 教授)より転載

Eye contact is an effective means of controlling human communication, such as in starting communication. It seems that we can make eye contact if we simply look at each other. However, this alone does not establish eye contact. Both parties also need to be aware of being watched by the other. We propose a method of eye contact considering these two conditions for humanrobot communication. When a human wants to start communication with a robot, he/she watches the robot. If it finds a human looking at it, the robot turns to him/her, changing its facial expressions to let him/herknow its awareness of his/her gaze. This completes eye contact. We then present a robot with a wide field of view using three cameras. If a person wants the robot tocome to him/her, he can do so just by making eye contact with the robot.


  • Proceeding International Workshop on Intelligent Environments

    Proceeding International Workshop on Intelligent Environments, 260-266, 2005

    The Institution of Engineering and Technology


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