What is the Subject for Student Teachers to Use ICT in Education? : Problem Analysis of Teacher Training's Post-Survey



At the Shinshu University Faculty of Education, student teachers are required to use ICT equipment in classes they teach during their student-teaching practicum. Their most troubles on using ICT in classes were not able to reflecting a notebook PC or a tablet computer to LCD monitor or projector well. In particular, they had trouble with enlarging a screen of iPad with Apple TV. We found that their needs to learn the basic knowledge and skill to use ICT in classes, for example how to connect to a wireless LAN and difference of HDMI and VGA. Student teachers had a trouble that some children played with ICT equipment in classes without permission, so it is necessary for children to have a rule of using ICT in classes. They should learn not only how to use ICT equipment but also making of rule for children and daily instruction method before student teaching. And we found that sustainable infrastructure use supported a stable class using ICT by student teacher.


  • EdMedia 2016-World Conference on Educational Media and Technology

    EdMedia 2016-World Conference on Educational Media and Technology 2016(1), 968-973, 2016-07-28

    Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


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