Room-temperature two-color lasing by current injection into a GaAs/AlGaAs coupled multilayer cavity fabricated by wafer bonding

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Room-temperature two-color lasing was demonstrated by current injection into a GaAs/AlGaAs coupled multilayer cavity for terahertz emitting devices utilizing its difference-frequency generation (DFG) inside the structure. We prepared two epitaxial wafers with (001) and (113)B orientations and they were directly bonded to form the coupled multilayer cavity. The (001) side cavity contains two types of InGaAs multiple quantum wells to realize optical gain for two-color lasing while a single GaAs layer of the (113)B side cavity is a nonlinear medium for efficient DFG. Lasing behavior was clearly observed for two modes under pulsed current conditions at room temperature. We found that intensity relation between two-color lasing was dependent on the pulse duration due to the different temporal profiles of emission intensity. Simultaneous two-color lasing in the device was also confirmed by measuring the sum-frequency generation signal using a beta barium borate crystal.


  • Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57(4S), 04FH03, 2018-03-01

    The Japan Society of Applied Physics


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