A Review of China's Research on the Wanli Korean War in the Past Hundred Years

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Over the past hundred years, the Chinese research approach to the Wanli Korean War has changed from "no emphasis placed on the Wanli Korean War" to "high emphasis placed on it," from research subject to serious political interference to rigorous academic research, and from research focused specifically on the Ming's participation in the war to research aimed at reaching a comprehensive understanding of the war from various East Asian perspectives. Research results were published mainly in monographs rather than in systematic academic books. Moreover, the research results mainly presented the description of historical facts and a list of historical materials because of a longstanding lack of academic interest. However, since the early 2000s, the number of researchers in this field has increased. They have made extensive use of historical materials from China, Japan, and Choson Korea and have comprehensively advanced the investigation of this topic from the perspectives of East Asia and new cultural history, gradually integrating it into the mainstream of international academic research.



    世界の日本研究 = JAPANESE STUDIES AROUND THE WORLD (2020), 99-117, 2021-03-31

    International Research Center for Japanese Studies


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