Dynamic Characteristic of a Fuel Cell Micro-Grid Using an Engine Generator to Base Load Operation




The dynamic of a micro-grid consisting of an engine generator and sixteen fuel cells was clarified by the transfer function model using actual data from power generators. The micro-grid was composed of a 3kW engine generator and 1kW fuel cells, and the dynamic characteristics of the grid were analyzed using the energy demand model in February of a cold region. Consequently, the settling time (Time taken to converge on ±5% of the limit of an output target) of a micro-grid is 15 seconds from 10 seconds. The control parameter of a fuel cell system is significantly influenced by the settling time and overshooting of a micro-grid. Since any excess and deficiency in electric power can respectively be covered if two or more fuel cells are connected with a grid, the instant electric power demand load peak can be distributed. Compared with the number of fuel cells required when installing independently, the number of installations can be reduced for a micro-grid system.


  • Journal of Environment and Engineering

    Journal of Environment and Engineering 3(1), 49-60, 2008

    一般社団法人 日本機械学会


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