Numerical Simulation of Atomization in Nozzle Injection Flow

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At the initial stage of injection, the injection flow has not yet broken up and in a range of small atmosphere pressure (16∼500KPa), the tip of the injection flow always forms a shape of mushroom. <sup>[1] [2]</sup> Moreover, the umbrella of the mushroom is always very big and its root is always very thin, especially when the atmosphere pressure is relatively low (88KPa, or 100mmHg). These phenomena are not known popularly and the reason of mushroom formation is not clear. In this paper, with the MARS method for simulating free surface, analysis of injection flow is practiced. The phenomena are reproduced and the reason is cleared that the formation of the mushroom is induced by the momentum exchange between the injection fuel flow with very high speed and the very complex flow of the air.


  • Journal of Computational Science and Technology

    Journal of Computational Science and Technology 2(2), 295-306, 2008

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


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