Head-Needed Strategy of Higher-Order Rewrite Systems and Its Decidable Classes

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    • Kasuya Hideto
    • Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Aichi Prefectural University


The present paper discusses a head-needed strategy and its decidable classes of higher-order rewrite systems (HRSs), which is an extension of the head-needed strategy of term rewriting systems (TRSs). We discuss strong sequential and NV-sequential classes having the following three properties, which are mandatory for practical use: (1) the strategy reducing a head-needed redex is head normalizing (2) whether a redex is head-needed is decidable, and (3) whether an HRS belongs to the class is decidable. The main difficulty in realizing (1) is caused by the β-reductions induced from the higher-order reductions. Since β-reduction changes the structure of higher-order terms, the definition of descendants for HRSs becomes complicated. In order to overcome this difficulty, we introduce a function, PV, to follow occurrences moved by β-reductions. We present a concrete definition of descendants for HRSs by using PV and then show property (1) for orthogonal systems. We also show properties (2) and (3) using tree automata techniques, a ground tree transducer (GTT), and recognizability of redexes.


  • IPSJ Online Transactions

    IPSJ Online Transactions (2), 49-70, 2009

    Information Processing Society of Japan


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