AHPによる再生可能エネルギーの地域社会導入計画モデル  [in Japanese] Planning Model for Renewable Energy Adoption to Rural Area using AHP Application  [in Japanese]

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再生可能エネルギーの実施計画を,地方自治体の施策の中で検討し,地域社会へ導入するための意思決定を支援するために,宇都宮市を対象として,導入可能なシナリオと,AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process)による導入計画モデルの構築を行った.太陽光発電初期費用を地方自治体が負担する場合,太陽光パネルの設置費用を下げ,耐用年数を増やす技術の向上が必要となった.太陽光発電の売買支援を一般消費者の負担で行った場合,地域特性にあった買い上げ率を設定して,住民や事業者の合意を図る重要性を示した.バイオマスエネルギープラントへの投資を地方自治体が負担する場合,年間CO <sub>2</sub>削減量の高い導入効果が期待されるが,年間財政負担額が最も高く,住民の負担が大きいことを明らかにした.AHPモデルの構築と感度分析を含めた評価から,評価項目の住民や企業・事業者の参加意欲は,実施済みの政策や住民が直接かかわる事業,目に見えやすい結果が重要であることを示した.バイオマスエネルギープラントへの投資のためには,財政負担の軽減,企業・事業者の参加意欲の醸成が必要であることを明らかにした.<br>

A planning model of renewable energy adoption for rural area using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) application was developed to evaluate the possibility of adopting proposed scenarios for Utsunomiya city, Tochigi, Japan based on trial calculations. The priority of the scenario "Supporting for Initial Cost of Photovoltaic Equipment (Supported by local government)" was affected by the improvement of cost and life span of photovoltaic equipment. On the other hand, the priority of the scenario "Supporting for Buying and Selling (Supported by general consumer)" was affected by modifying the rate of electricity buying to adopt the characteristics of local area having agreement that residents and firms have to pay 1% of total electricity cost to the local government. Large expenses by the local government and residents were needed to carry out the scenario "Bio-industry Investment for Renewable Energy Plant as Public Utilities (Supported by local government)", which has high performance of renewable energy production and reduction of CO<sub>2</sub>.<br> The AHP model was developed by using evaluation items and alternatives based on the proposed scenarios. Discussion and evaluation of sensitivity analysis for the AHP model showed that the evaluation items "citizen's eagerness for participation" and "entrepreneur's eagerness for participation" were affected by the precedent plan, visible result, or direct connection to the residents. The weight of evaluation item "unreliability for technology" was influenced by example of adoption, effect of the plan, and existing plan. Hence, the scenario "Bio-industry Investment for Renewable Energy Plant as Public Utilities (Supported by local government)" should be adopted as the primary alternative to reduce the expenses of the local government and promote citizen and entrepreneur's eagerness for participation.<br>


  • Agricultural Information Research

    Agricultural Information Research 17(1), 31-41, 2008

    Japanese Society of Agricultural Informatics

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