Hybrid System Using Precast Prestressed Frame with Corrugated Steel Panel Damper

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    • Kono Susumu
    • Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan.
    • Watanabe Fumio
    • Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan.


This paper proposes an economical structural system that reduces seismic damage and needs little or no repair by combining precast prestressed concrete elements and corrugated steel panel dampers. Precast prestressed concrete structures show high self-centering characteristics with negligible damage. However, the lateral displacement response during earthquakes tends to be larger than ordinary reinforced concrete (RC) structures because of their lower hysteretic energy dissipation capability. Corrugated steel panels attached to a moment-resisting frame improve its seismic performance with high energy dissipating capability as a hysteretic damper.<br>Five portal frames with corrugated steel panel dampers were tested to investigate the hysteretic characteristics of the proposed hybrid system. Experimental variables were the type of frame structure and the yield strength of the corrugated steel panels. All precast prestressed concrete frames showed a sufficient amount of energy dissipation, and much smaller residual deformations and damage than the monolithic RC frame. Superposition of the simulated hysteretic loops of the frames with that of the damper agreed well with the experimental results obtained by reversed-cyclic loading tests. Using a simple calculation method to estimate the equivalent viscous damping ratios and residual displacements, a design procedure seeking the optimization of the hybrid system is examined.


  • Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology

    Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology 7(3), 297-306, 2009

    Japan Concrete Institute


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