Maximizing the Fundamental Frequency of Laminated Composite Plates with Optimally Shaped Curvilinear Fibers

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    • HONDA Shinya
    • Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design, Hokkaido University


A new design method is proposed here to maximize the fundamental frequency of laminated composite plates reinforced by curvilinear fibers. Spline functions represent arbitrarily shaped fibers and the Ritz method generates frequency equations. The optimum curvilinear shapes are searched for the maximum fundamental frequencies using a genetic algorithm, and increments of data points which define the spline shape are used as design variables under the limited range of undulation. Comparison of the present analysis method gives good agreement with the finite element method in terms of natural frequencies and vibration modes, and the optimized results show that the present plate with optimally shaped curvilinear fibers gives higher or equal fundamental frequencies than those of conventional plates with optimally oriented parallel fibers.


  • Journal of System Design and Dynamics

    Journal of System Design and Dynamics 3(6), 867-876, 2009

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

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