Study on Peeling Behavior in Pick-up Process of IC Chip with Adhesive Tapes




A method to evaluate pick-up performance of four kinds of adhesive tape materials with different thickness has been studied numerically and experimentally. Needles peel an IC chip with an adhesive film off the base material in the pick-up process, by pushing the back of the base material. In our evaluation method, the dependence of the peel energy on the peel speed was measured using a peel test. The finite element method was applied to calculate the energy release rate of the pick-up process for various peel lengths. The pick-up time was obtained from the results of the peel tests and the finite element analysis. Our results indicate that the peel energy is the dominant property influencing the pick-up performance, and the difference in energy release rate in the pick-up process between the samples is not significant. Furthermore, the minimum needle displacement was estimated from the calculated pick-up time using our method. The minimum needle displacement of the experimental pick-up values was in good agreement with the estimated result.


  • Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering

    Journal of Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering 4(7), 1051-1060, 2010

    一般社団法人 日本機械学会


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