Application of New Coolant Inventory Tracking Method to PWR Small Break LOCA Simulation Experiments at ROSA-IV/LSTF.

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Presented are results of an application of a new primary coolant inventory tracking method which was invented for a Westinghouse-type pressurized water reactor, to various kinds of small break loss-of-coolant accident experiments conducted at the Large-Scale Test Facility in Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.<BR>The uniqueness of this method is that it can track the primary coolant depletion prior to the initiation of inadequate core cooling. The primary coolant inventory is tracked by measuring the water level in the vertical region of each primary loop including the steam generator outlet plenum and by using a simple correlation between the level and coolant inventory. The principal level measuring range corresponds to the primary coolant volumes of approximately 30 to 60% of the initial volume. A limitation of the reactor vessel level indication system is also shown in comparison with this method.


  • Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology

    Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 29(6), 547-558, 1992

    Atomic Energy Society of Japan

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