Expression of the SART3 Antigens in Oral Cancers.

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    • Department of Oral Surgery, Kurume University School of Medicine


It was previously reported that SART3 is a tumor-rejection antigen recognized by HLA-A24-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs). This study investigated expression of the SART3 antigen in oral cancer as a candidate of tumor antigens for use in specific immunotherapy. The SART3 antigen was detected in all of the oral cancer cell lines tested, 24 of 31 (77%) oral cancer tissue samples, 0 of 3 oral benign tumors and 0 of 3 normal oral tissues. Oral cancer cell lines had the ability to stimulate IFN-γ production by the HLA-A24-restricted and SART3-specific CTLs that were established from the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of an esophageal cancer patient. Therefore, the SART3 antigen could be an appropriate vaccine candidate for a large number of oral cancer patients.


  • The Kurume Medical Journal

    The Kurume Medical Journal 48(1), 55-58, 2001

    Kurume University School of Medicine


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