Development of a Tractor Navigation System Using Augmented Reality

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    • KAIZU Yutaka
    • JSAM Member, Corresponding author, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo


We developed an intuitive tractor navigation system using augmented reality (AR) by superimposing a computer-generated virtual three-dimensional (3D) image on a camera image. The 3D image was generated using the tractor position and direction determined by two real-time kinematic global positioning systems and an inertial measurement unit. The positioning accuracy of the AR navigation system was examined experimentally by changing the roll, pitch, and yaw angles of a tractor at rest on an actual field. The positioning errors in the world coordinate system were less than 3 cm within 3 m from the front of the tractor, and less than 3 pixels in the image coordinate system. The refresh frequency of the AR image was 30 Hz and the time taken from image capturing to displaying was within 10 ms.


  • Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food

    Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food 5(3), 96-101, 2012

    Asian Agricultural and Biological Engineering Association


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