A Dynamic Spectrum Assignment Method for Call Blocking Probability Reduction in WiFi/WiMAX Integrated Networks




With advances in communication technologies, network services provided via the Internet have become widely diversified, and people can use these services not only via wired networks but also via wireless networks. There are several wireless systems in practical use such as cellular, WiMAX and WiFi. Although these wireless network systems have developed independently of each other, they should be integrated for seamless access by users. However, each system uses an individual spectrum prescribed by law to avoid radio interference. To overcome such a situation, dynamic spectrum access technology is receiving much attention. We propose a dynamic spectrum assignment method in which a WiFi system temporarily uses a spectrum band of the WiMAX system in WiFi/WiMAX integrated networks to reduce call blocking probability of multimedia communication services. We confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method by simulation experiments.


  • IEICE Transactions on Communications

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E94-B(12), 3498-3504, 2011

    一般社団法人 電子情報通信学会