GISを用いた火星画像・地形データの解析法  [in Japanese] GIS analyses of Martian satellite imageries and topographic data  [in Japanese]

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    • 後藤 和久 Goto Kazuhisa
    • 千葉工業大学惑星探査研究センター|現所属;東北大学災害科学国際研究所 Planetary Exploration Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology|Present address; International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University
    • 小松 吾郎 Komatsu Goro
    • 千葉工業大学惑星探査研究センター|ダヌンツィオ大学国際惑星科学研究大学院 Planetary Exploration Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology|International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Università d'Annunzio
    • 齋藤 仁 Saito Hitoshi
    • 東京大学空間情報科学研究センター Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo


A large amount of satellite imagery is now available for the surface of Mars; this imagery has spatial resolutions up to 25 cm/pixel, and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) has been constructed to allow the analysis of Martian topography. These data are important for studies of geological and geomorphological processes on Mars, and may form the basis of future Mars exploration plans. Nevertheless, the procedures used to obtain these data and to project them using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is significantly complicated, and this prevents many researchers from initiating geological or geomorphological research on Mars. Here, we introduce the procedures required to obtain Martian satellite imagery and topographic data, the methods used to project these data into GIS systems, and a simple Google Mars-based image analysis methodology. After projection, GIS-based data analytical approaches are similar to those commonly used for Earth-based data; consequently, geologists and geomorphologists who usually focus on terrestrial problems could easily shift their research focus to Mars, significantly improving the state of satellite imagery and topographic data-based Martian research and potentially contributing to future Mars missions.


  • The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 118(10), 683-688, 2012

    The Geological Society of Japan


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