The Development of Highly Durable Concrete Using Classified Fine Fly Ash in Hokuriku District

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    • Hashimoto Tohru
    • Civil Engineering Division, Hokuriku Electric Power Company, Toyama, Japan.
    • Torii Kazuyuki
    • Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Environmental Design, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa, Japan.


In the Hokuriku district, the effort toward the production of highly durable concrete mixtures using classified fine fly ash has just started as a part of ongoing countermeasures for the chloride attack and the alkali silica reaction (ASR). At a time when ASR deterioration phenomena are still progressing, the use of fly ash cement in concrete should be recommended and assertively be adopted as a regional approach for the mitigation of ASR problem especially in the Hokuriku District. In order to promote this mutual understanding and cooperation among the electric power companies, the national and local governments, the industrial association of ready-mixed concrete companies and the universities are indispensable. Accordingly, a joint-collaborative industry-academia-government research committee has been set up in January 2011. This paper focuses on the drawing from the current stage of ASR problem in the Hokuriku district and the development of highly durable fly ash concretes as its countermeasures.


  • Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology

    Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology 11(11), 312-321, 2013

    Japan Concrete Institute


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