Field Experimental Analysis of the Behavior Improvement Effect Using Roadside Devices to Notify Approaching-Vehicle for Cyclists

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    • YAMANAKA Hideo
    • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tokushima University


The accident rate of vehicles approaching from narrow streets, and bicycles approaching from the left side on a sidewalk is high at small intersections along arterial roads. Drivers tend to gaze to the right side. On the other hand, at intersections with bad visibility, cyclist’s safety confirmation and ability to slowdown greatly differs from that of an intersection with good visibility. Thus, bicycles on a sidewalk are at risk of colliding with vehicles travelling along narrow streets. In this study, we focused on notifying the cyclist of a the vehicle’s approach from a narrow street as one of the countermeasures for supporting safe running of bicycles. The effectiveness of this system was verified by public-road experiment. It was found that cyclists’ behavior of safety confirmation improved, cyclists tended to slow-down and there was a subsequent increase in cyclists’ safety.


  • Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies

    Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 10(0), 2123-2132, 2013

    Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies


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