A Seismic Response Estimation Method for RC Structures using Random Vibration Theory

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The present paper introduces a non-linear seismic response estimation method for reinforced concrete (RC) structures based on random vibration theory. Equivalent linear single-degree-of-freedom systems that have complex stiffness are adopted in order to approximate the displacement-dependent hysteretic characteristics of RC structures. The proposed method uses the transfer functions of the equivalent linear systems, root mean square responses, and peak factors. In contrast with existing approximation methods using response spectra, the proposed method allows individual evaluation of the power spectral densities and duration times of input motions.<br>Earthquake responses estimated using the proposed method have been verified through comparisons with results of non-linear time history response analyses and two existing approximation methods. The proposed method has exhibited relatively high accuracy and has been found to be useful for response estimation of RC structures, considering frequency characteristics and duration effects separately.


  • Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology

    Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology 12(2), 62-72, 2014

    Japan Concrete Institute


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