<b>固定発生源におけるエアロゾルの生成と排出挙動 </b>  [in Japanese] <b>Characterization of Aerosol Formation and Emission Behavior of Flue Gas at Stationary Sources </b>  [in Japanese]

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This research developed international standard methods using virtual impactors and diluters for the in-stack measurement of (i) PM<sub>2.5</sub> and PM<sub>10</sub> mass concentrations and (ii) condensable particles within the flue gases of stationary emission sources (such as factories and power plants). Based on this re search, which reflects the importance of the standardization of sampling and measurement methods, international standards for both methods (ISO 13271 and ISO 25597) were published. For the purposes of the ISO publication, the performance of virtual impactors was compared with that of a commercial, conventional two-stage cascade impactor (Real impactor) that collects particles on its solid impaction surfaces. Virtual impactor measurements delivered consistent data in model aerosol testing systems, and in combustion flue gases at testing and commercial plants for coal and other fuels in Japan, Malaysia, and China. The emission behaviors of PM<sub>2.5</sub> and condensable nanoparticles with organic and inorganic trace elements were characterized at each plant by using total surface area-based concentration, size distribution, and a variety of other measurement methods.


  • Earozoru Kenkyu

    Earozoru Kenkyu 29(S1), s27-s37, 2014

    Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology


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