A Reconfigurable Data-Path Accelerator Based on Single Flux Quantum Circuits

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The single flux quantum (SFQ) is expected to be a next-generation high-speed and low-power technology in the field of logic circuits. CMOS as the dominant technology for conventional processors cannot be replaced with SFQ technology due to the difficulty of implementing feedback loops and conditional branches using SFQ circuits. This paper investigates the applicability of a reconfigurable data-path (RDP) accelerator based on SFQ circuits. The authors introduce detailed specifications of the SFQ-RDP architecture and compare its performance and power/performance ratio with those of a graphics-processing unit (GPU). The results show at most 1600 times higher efficiency in terms of Flops/W (floating-point operations per second/Watt) for some high-performance computing application programs.


  • IEICE Transactions on Electronics

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E97.C(3), 141-148, 2014

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers


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