Bone waxが原因と考えられる前頭洞pyocele  [in Japanese] A case of frontal pyocele caused by bone wax.  [in Japanese]

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A case of frontal sinus pyocele is described. The operation showed a lump of bone wax obliterating the sinus cavity and the naso-frontal duct. We presumed that the bone wax might have been used to fill up the sinus for prevention of intracranial infection at the time of frontal craniotomy 11 years ago. The frontal sinus is often entered in frontal craniotomy. From the rhinological point of view, bone wax is not suitable for such plombage method in the frontal sinus. The authors discuss that successful surgical treatment of the frontal sinus require not only proper attention to naso-frontal duct, packing material but also to leaving the mucosa of the sinus.



    JIBI INKOKA TEMBO 31(2), 179-183, 1988

    Society of Oto-rhino-laryngology Tokyo


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