X線エネルギサブトラクションによるCSP実装基板のはんだ成分抽出  [in Japanese] Extraction of Solder Constituent from CSP Boards by Means of X-ray Energy Subtraction Method.  [in Japanese]

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    • 寺本 篤司 TERAMOTO Atsushi
    • 名古屋電機工業株式会社オプトエレクトロニクス事業部 Opt-Electronics Div., Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd.
    • 堀場 勇夫 HORIBA Isao
    • 愛知県立大学情報科学部 Faculty of Information Science and Technology. Aichi Prefectural University


With the high requirement of high-density packaging, CSP have been spread widely. To inspect the solder joint in CSP, an X-ray image has been used. However, an X-ray image contains not only solder joint but also capper leads. Therefore, it is very difficult to analyze the solder with robustness. In this paper, we propose a new method for extracting the solder constituent by means of Energy Subtraction. In the experience, we compared the performance of thick measurement between regular X-ray Image and Subtraction image. The result shows the advantageous performance of Subtraction method over regular one.


  • Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 4(1), 68-71, 2001

    The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging


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