Anti-herpes simplex virus activities of traditional Chinese medicines, used in Yunnan and Tibetan provinces of China

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    • JO Michiko
    • Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama
    • KUROKAWA Masahiko
    • Department of Virology, University of Toyama|Present address: Department of Biochemistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University of Health and Welfare
    • 服部 征雄 HATTORI Masao
    • 富山大学・和漢医薬学総合研究所 薬物代謝工学 Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama


雲南省及びチベット自治区で採集した168種の中国少数民族薬物の水及びメタノールエキスの抗HSV-1活性をプラーク減少法を用いて検討した。24種のエキスに抗HSV-1活性が認められ, さらにHSV-1を経皮感染させたマウスを用い, これらのエキスを約1週間経口投与した。その結果, <i>Terminalia chebula</i> (T42), <i>Tripterygium hypoglaucum</i> (Y42M), <i>Moghania philippinensis</i> (Y86M) のメタノールエキス, 及び, <i>Tripterygium hypoglaucum</i> (Y44H) の水エキスに有意な皮膚病変進展の遅延効果が認められた。また, <i>Cassia fistula</i> (T59), <i>Choerospondias axillaries</i> (T73) のメタノールエキス, 及び, <i>Begonia evansiana</i> (Y27H), <i>Maytenus fookerii</i> (Y60H), <i>Potentilla griffithii</i> (Y63H) の水エキスに生存期間の延長が認められた。これらのエキスには, 抗HSV-1活性を示す化合物が含まれており, 新規抗HSV-1化合物の探索に有用であると思われる。

One hundred and sixty-eight traditional Chinese medicines collected in the Yunnan and Tibetan provinces were screened for their anti-herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) activity by using a plaque reduction assay using Vero cells. Of these, 24 extracts exhibited appreciable inhibitory activities against HSV-1. They were further examined for their therapeutic efficacies in mice infected with HSV-1; mice were infected cutaneously with HSV-1 and the extracts were orally administrated three times daily. Among them, nine extracts of <i>Terminalia chebula</i> (T42), <i>Tripterygium hypoglaucum</i> (Y42M), and <i>Moghania philippinensis</i> (Y86M), and a water extract of <i>Tripterygium hypoglaucum</i> (Y44H) delayed the development and progression of skin lesions. Methanol extracts of <i>Cassia fistula</i> (T59), and <i>Choerospondias axillaries</i> (T73), and water extracts of <i>Begonia evansiana</i> (Y27H), <i>Maytenus fookerii</i> (Y60H) and <i>Potentilla griffithii</i> (Y63H) showed therapeutic effects. These extracts may be candidates for the development of anti-HSV-1 compounds.


  • Journal of Traditional Medicines

    Journal of Traditional Medicines 22(6), 321-328, 2005

    Medical and Pharmaceutical Society for WAKAN-YAKU


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