Flow-force relationship for two staggered circular cylinders with low angle of incidence

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The flow around two cylinders shows more complex phenomena than that for a single cylinder. Depending on the arrangement of the cylinders, the responses due to the flow behavior present various aspects. In this study, numerical simulations are performed to investigate the flow around two circular cylinders of equal diameter in staggered arrangements at a subcritical Reynolds number. The center-to-center distance ratio of the cylinders is set to 2 and the angle of incidence is varied as 5, 10 and 15 degrees. The incidence-angle dependencies on the flow pattern, the aerodynamic forces and the Strouhal number are investigated. In particular, a bistable flow pattern is obtained as reported in several experimental studies and its characteristics on the flow field and the forces are discussed.


  • Kozo Kogaku Ronbunshu. A (Journal of Structural Engineering. A)

    Kozo Kogaku Ronbunshu. A (Journal of Structural Engineering. A) (54A), 411-419, 2008

    Japan Society of Civil Engineers


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