K<sub>0</sub>制御オンライン地震応答実験による地震後の残留変形評価  [in Japanese] EVALUATION OF RESIDUAL DEFORMATION AFTER EARTHQUAKE BY MEANS OF K<sub>0</sub> ON-LINE SEISMIC RESPONSE EXPERIMENT  [in Japanese]

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 The objective of this paper is to evaluate earthquake-induced residual displacement at a ground. I have developed K<sub>0</sub>-controled experiment device. This device achieves K<sub>0</sub> condition during consolidation, undrained cyclic shear and reconsolidation process. The relation between liquefaction-induced residual displacement and duration and overconsolidation ratio OCR are studied by the method. As a result, volumetric strain ε<sub>v</sub> and residual shear strain γ<sub>res</sub> variation with different types of earthquake motions and OCR was examined. We suggested the residual deformation index which could evaluate both residual shear strain and residual volmetric strain. It was associated with accumulated strain γ<sub>acm</sub>.


  • Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. C (Geosphere Engineering)

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. C (Geosphere Engineering) 68(2), 274-285, 2012

    Japan Society of Civil Engineers


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