Quantitative Assessment of Jackets Appearances with Bonding Adhesive Interlinings using Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Analysis

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    • KIM KyoungOk
    • Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shinshu University
    • SONEHARA Sho
    • Division of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Shinshu University


The quantitative assessment methods for appearance differences of jackets caused by bonding different adhesive interlinings to face fabric were investigated. A sensory test was carried out to evaluate jacket appearance differences depending on different adhesive interlinings. The quantitative assessment methods of jacket appearances were investigated using 2D and 3D image analysis. The outlines of cross point location for both lapel and bottom in the front view were obtained from the 2D images. The horizontal and vertical cross-sections of bottom part for each jacket were obtained from the 3D images. The compared results with the obtained 2D and 3D images showed a possibility to evaluate jacket appearance changes by bonding adhesive interlining. The variances of the curvature of the vertical cross-section were also obtained. The variances were compared with sensory test results and those showed high correlation each other. Therefore, it was able to evaluate the jacket appearance quantitatively using variance of the curvature from cross-sections of 3D images.


  • International Journal of Affective Engineering

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 12(2), 177-183, 2013

    Japan Society of Kansei Engineering


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