<b>旧村を住民自治の舞台に</b>:鳥取県智頭町:地区振興協議会の事例  [in Japanese] <b>Reviving a former village by residents' movement for self-governance</b>:An attempt of the district promotion council in Chizu, Tottori, Japan  [in Japanese]

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地域主権を構想する上で、国と地方自治体の関係を見直すのみならず、市町村よりも小さなコミュニティ、すなわち、「風景の共有できる空間」での住民自治をいかにして育むかを考えねばならない。農山村では、戦前ないし昭和の大合併以前の旧村が、「風景を共有できる空間」に相当する。<br> 鳥取県智頭町では、旧村単位に地区振興協議会を設置し、住民自治を育む運動が始まっている。本論文では、同町を構成する6つの地区(旧村)のうち、地区の運動を現場調査に基づき報告する。具体的には、各地区について、①地区振興協議会立ち上げの経緯、②現在までの活動、③活動の成果と今後の課題を報告する。

It is important to examine how residents' self-governance can be grown in a community that is a smaller unit than a formal municipality such as a town, a village and a city, in addition to redesigning relations between the national government and the local governments of the formal municipalities, when decentralization of power is planned for the future. Such a small unit of community is the place where people living there easily share the image of landscape and talk about it with each other. A former village until it was merged into a larger municipality before or soon after the World War II corresponds to such a unit. <br>   Residents' movement has been carried out to establish the district promotion council and grow self-governance in such a unit in Chizu, Tottori prefecture, Japan. This paper reported (1) the process in which the council was established, (2) major activities of the council so far, and (3) results of activities and challenges for the future, in each of the three districts, namely former villages, among a total of six districts in Chizu, based on intensive interview to the residents.


  • Journal of Group Dynamics

    Journal of Group Dynamics 30(0), 409-435, 2013

    Japan Institute for Group Dynamics


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