Monte Carlo simulation for PET scanners and shields

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A Monte Carlo simulation code was developed for simulating PET scanners with the Monte Carlo program package GEANT. The present simulation code can handle not only conventional types of PET scanners, but also any complex detector systems with arbitrary geometrical configuration. All the relevant interactions of photons and electrons are taken into account in all the defined objects while optical tracking in the scintillation crystals is approximated by simple analytical simulation. In addition to basicP ET scannerP erformancfea ctors, s uch as sensitivitya nd scatterf ractionv, aluable but un-measurablien formations, u cha s photont rajectoriesa nd interactionp osition distributionc, a nb e obtaineda ndr epresentedg raphicallyin variousw ays. T his simulation codeh as provedu sefuli n analyzingth e physicsc haracteristicos f existingc ommercialP ET scannersa nd relateds hieldsa, nd in designs tudieso f new PET scanners.


  • Japanese Journal of Medical Physics

    Japanese Journal of Medical Physics 21(3), 174-186, 2001

    Japan Society of Medical Physics


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