Creeping Contours:体積画像における部品の境界面抽出のためのマルチラベル画像の領域分割法 Creeping Contours : A Multi-Label Image Segmentation Method for Extracting Boundary Surfaces of Parts in Volumetric Images

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In this work we introduce a method named creeping contours for image segmentation into its composing parts for the purpose of extracting the boundary surfaces of these parts. Creeping contours are contours which expand following a speed function defined by the gradient and the curvature at the contours points, starting from initial contour position defined either manually or automatically. Contours in the image creep simultaneously at different speeds while assigning the label of the contours pixels by the defined creeping condition. We also demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed method by segmenting 2D grayscale images, and 3D volumetric CT images of mechanical parts into multiple segments, and generating the boundary surfaces of these parts.


  • Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2010S(0), 97-98, 2010

    The Japan Society for Precision Engineering


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