A Numerical Simulation of Wave-Induced Topographic Change in Shallows Composed of Fine Sand

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A coupled fluid-structure-sediment interaction model is applied to laboratory experiments on wave-induced topographic changes in shallows composed of fine sand. It was found that considerable erosion was occurred over the shallows in the predicted results for the same still water depth as in the experimental condition, which was a different trend from the measured data. In contrast, the condition of a small increase in the still water depth on the crown improved the computational accuracy of water surface elevations, pore-water pressure and the topographic change in the shallows. These results suggest that a small mean water level rise occurred during the experiments, and induced the different topographic evolutions.


  • Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering

    Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering 1(1), 72-86, 2014

    Japan Society for Simulation Technology


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