Flow assessment application "Flow-Insight"の脳血管撮影への臨床応用  [in Japanese] Clinical Apply to Digital Subtraction Angiography, Blood Flow Assessment Application "Flow-Insight"  [in Japanese]

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出版社版得られた画像データに時間軸を加えて解析するソフトウエアFlow assessment application "Flow-Insight"を開発し、脳血管撮影に応用した。Flow-Insightは時間解析、造影剤の輝度積算量の解析、可視化が可能であり、前交通動脈瘤に対するコイル塞栓術中の状態をFlow-Insightにて後方視的に検討した結果、定性化に加えカラーバーによって頭蓋内全体の血流変化が容易に可視化された。Flow-Insightは現在の感覚的な動脈瘤塞栓術後のneck remnantやdome fillingを客観的に評価できる可能性があり、コイル塞栓術中の血栓性合併症の追加治療介入の指標として有用性が示唆された。また、治療中にオンタイムで稼働させ、動脈瘤治療、CAS、AVMの塞栓術中、術後の合併症の指標などいくつかの臨床応用に期待される。

Flow assessments by indocyanine green videoangiography (ICG-VA) has become common to evaluate cerebral blood flow during vascular surgery. In order to obtain detailed flow information, we have developed a new software named "Flow-Insight" based on the principle of perfusion image processing. In this study, we applied "Flow-Insight" to digital subtraction angiography (DSA) to investigate arrival time (AT), blood volume (BV) and mean transit time (MTT) during endovascular surgery. "Flow-Insight" imported serial DSA data in DICOM format, and calculated integration of a time-intensity curve over time in each pixel for quantitative analysis. We predicted a thrombotic problem by observing delayed BV in a case with an unruptured aneurysm. In addition, several parameters from this application might be reliable predictors, critical alarms and treatment prognosis for endovascular surgery. <br>


  • Surgery for Cerebral Stroke

    Surgery for Cerebral Stroke 42(5), 353-358, 2014

    The Japanese Society on Surgery for Cerebral Stroke


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