Multi-band BTDFモデルによる織布の蛍光特性の表現  [in Japanese] Expression of Woven Cloth using Computer Graphics via Multi-band BTDF Model Considering Fluorescence Characteristics  [in Japanese]

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As the recent improvements in appearance rendering capabilities of computer graphics(CG), CG technologies are widely applied to various field. In this research, we intend to generate high quality CG of woven cloth, and focus attention on fluorescence and transparent characteristics. First of all, we measure excitation spectra, fluorescence spectra and Bidirectional Transmittance Distribution Function(BTDF). Secondly, we combine these measurements and propose a new BTDF approximation model with considering fluorescence color and intensity(Multi-band BTDF model). Finally, we generate lace curtain CG images using this Multi-band BTDF model. The images suggested that fluorescence characteristics are important factor on expression of woven cloth using computer graphics.


  • Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 80(12), 1213-1218, 2014

    The Japan Society for Precision Engineering


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