Zigzag Skin Incision Effectively Camouflages the Scar and Alopecia for Moyamoya Disease: Technical Note

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Moyamoya disease is commonly diagnosed in children, and requires various vascular reconstruction to improve symptoms. Therefore, scar widening and hair loss after craniotomy, which sometimes occurs in this disease, are serious problems for patients. A variety of plastic surgical techniques in scalp have been reported to minimize the scar widening and hair loss. However, any neurosurgical reports describing this purpose have never been published for moyamoya disease. The objective of this study was to investigate whether these plastic surgical techniques could be applied to bypass surgery without any compromise of vascular reconstruction for moyamoya disease. We performed direct and indirect vascular reconstruction in six hemispheres of moyamoya disease patients not only in the middle cerebral artery territory but also in the anterior cerebral artery territory. The scalp incision was designed not parallel to the hair stream, and the bevelled incision was conducted not to jeopardize the hair follicles. The scar and hair loss were effectively camouflaged throughout the postoperative period in all cases. This study demonstrates that our design of scalp incision achieve effective vascular reconstruction and obscure the scar and hair loss.


  • Neurologia medico-chirurgica

    Neurologia medico-chirurgica 55(3), 210-213, 2015

    The Japan Neurosurgical Society


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