Developing Informed Consent Tool for Relieving Fear for Cataract Operation

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If we can relieve patients fear for the cataract operation, we can get their informed consents more smoothly and can help their understanding. Our object is to find out what sort of information we should offer them and how we should do so to relieve their fear and anxiety about the operation. We received content information from Kugayama Hospital concerning the cause of cataract, its therapy, method of the operation, and care after the operation. We recorded an operation at the hospital through two cameras, one from the doctors' viewpoint and another from the observers' viewpoint. From these videos we made a movie for getting Informed Consents from patients. Then we showed patients this movie as an experiment. We found out that we should solve these three points in order to make new tools: 1. How we tell patients through Videos that the operation is painless. 2. How we offer convincing information. 3. How we relieve patients' unpleasant feeling.


  • International Journal of Affective Engineering

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 13(1), 95-100, 2014

    Japan Society of Kansei Engineering


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