Phorec: Context-Aware Photography Support System Based on Social Data Analysis

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In the world of digital photography, it is widely known that general contexts including location, date, time, weather condition, composition, and camera setting, obviously affect quality of photos. In this paper, we analyzed the crowdsourced big data on the social network for photographers and extracted the rich photographic information in order to assist photographers to take beautiful photos. Our developed system is composed of server-side system and mobile application. The server-side system suggests good photos which are relevant to the contexts. The sophisticated iOS application was developed to collect the contexts and exhibit the result. The user's satisfaction in Phorec were measured through subjective evaluations. The result reflected that recommended photography settings are important and can fulfil user's desire.


  • Journal of Information Processing

    Journal of Information Processing 23(3), 373-380, 2015

    Information Processing Society of Japan


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