Identification of Common Words for the Evaluation of Clothes' Appearance and Tactile Sensation in Online Shopping:- An Indicator for Producing Images that Express Clothes' Textures -

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This study aimed to identify common words in order to evaluate the appearance and tactile sensation of clothes in online shopping. Initial data collection extracted 170 words, which three groups of observers evaluated for appropriateness by describing the look and feel of the clothing they encountered. These groups consisted of 13 female students majoring in fashion design (FFS), 13 male students majoring in engineering (EMS), and 13 female students majoring in subjects other than fashion design (OFFS). After comparing the results of the three groups, 66 terms for appearance and 76 expressions for tactile sensation were selected. Then, each group of observers sorted the words into clusters using the KJ Method. After comparing the clusters for each group, common terms were derived. Ultimately, the results produced 17 shared expressions (8 for appearance and 9 for tactile sensation).


  • International Journal of Affective Engineering

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 14(3), 143-149, 2015

    Japan Society of Kansei Engineering


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