Eye Movement Recording Approach Combined with Task Classification and Its Application to Clinical Engineers in Actual Working Environment

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The present paper demonstrates the potential of an eye movement-based approach to cognitive task analysis in a dialysis room. An analysis framework composed of a task classification scheme and a series of steps for data processing was developed. The framework makes it possible to trace the cognitive aspects of clinical engineer behavior in real work situations. The framework developed was applied to observation data (including eye movement data) obtained from eight clinical engineers working at a hospital. In the eye movement data, we found a slight tendency for engineers having long careers to show relatively superior behavior among all engineers observed in terms of their attention allocation processes toward key information. Based on the analysis results, we discuss the feasibility of the proposed analysis framework and some implications for improving the eye movement-based approach for practical use.


  • Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association

    Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association 66(2E), 204-216, 2015

    Japan Industrial Management Association


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