A highly efficient AgarTrap method for genetic transformation of mature thalli of the liverwort <i>Marchantia polymorpha</i> L.

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<i>Marchantia polymorpha</i> L. has been established as a model liverwort species for understanding plant evolution, and several genetic transformation technologies have been developed. Recently, we described a simplified <i>Agrobacterium</i>-mediated genetic transformation method termed AgarTrap (<u>Agar</u>-utilized <u>Tra</u>nsformation with <u>P</u>ouring Solutions) that uses sporelings (S-AgarTrap) or gemmae/gemmalings (G-AgarTrap), both of which easily produce a sufficient number of independent transformants. In this study, we report the development of a novel AgarTrap protocol using mature pieces of liverwort thalli (T-AgarTrap). Optimal transformation efficiency was approximately 70%, and 100% transformation was achieved in a few experimental cases. The efficiency of T-AgarTrap was much greater than those of S- and G-AgarTrap methods. This highly efficient T-AgarTrap protocol seems to promote molecular research with <i>M. polymorpha</i>.


  • Plant Biotechnology

    Plant Biotechnology 32(4), 333-336, 2015

    Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology


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