PIV Measurement of Inlet and Outlet Flow of Contra-Rotating Small-Sized Cooling Fan

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Contra-rotating rotors have been adopted for some of the cooling fans to meet the demand for the high pressure and large flow rate. Therefore, it is important to clarify its inlet and outlet flows by experiments for the high performance and stable operation. PIV measurements were conducted at the design and partial flow rates. In the present paper, the inlet and outlet flow conditions of the contra-rotating small-sized cooling fan with a 40mm square casing are studied by using PIV measurement. Furthermore, improvements of the flow condition and design guideline to increase the performance were discussed based on the experimental results.


  • International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 9(2), 175-181, 2016

    Turbomachinery Society of Japan, Korean Fluid Machinery Association, Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, IAHR


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