Investigation of Fabric Texture Expression through Dynamic Alteration of Drapes:- Image Presentation Method in Online Shopping Environments -

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This study clarifies the impact that the display method of fabric drapes has on texture evaluation when it is changed dramatically in order to identify an image display method that allows easier judging of drape texture in online shopping environments. A texture evaluation experiment of drapes in three different states (static, rotating, and combination of static and rotating or inverse rotating) was conducted in two different situations: presenting the actual drape and presenting a video of the drape. Results show that, regardless of the presentation method (i.e., actual drape or video), dynamic alterations greatly impact soft-crisp evaluation, one of the primary texture evaluation criteria. In addition, the ideal rotating speed was found to be 1 rps. This study quantitatively shows that altering drapes dynamically is effective in presenting an effective image for evaluation in online shopping environments.


  • International Journal of Affective Engineering

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 15(2), 45-50, 2016

    Japan Society of Kansei Engineering


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