P2M視点によるソフトウェア開発プロジェクトの引継ぎに関する研究  [in Japanese] Study on Knowledge Transfer in Software Development Project Utilizing P2M  [in Japanese]

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Software developed in the external project is transferred to the operation team through the customer. Value of the software is found to use by customer in the operation phase. The software development project should keep in mind that the values created in the development phase are to be transferred to the operation team. One of issues associated with this is that since transfer process varies depending on a nature of the contract between the customer and contractor, it makes difficult to standardize the procedure.This paper shows, as "a knowledge transfer model with an awareness of operations in software development projects" the solution utilizing the P2M. This model contributes to software development, by revealing the process of development projects to be aware of the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge to transfer to the operation in the life cycle of a projectKeywords: Knowledge Transfer, Tacit Knowledge, Explicit Knowledge, Software Development,


  • Journal of International Association of P2M

    Journal of International Association of P2M 11(1), 122-135, 2016

    International Association of P2M


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