The effect of head and trunk fixation with a neck collar on the head rotation angle and center of pressure deviation of healthy subjects undergoing trunk rotation training  [in Japanese]

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    • Numao Taku
    • Japanese School of Technology for Social Medicine|Tokyo Metropolitan University


【Purpose】Patients with left-sided unilateral spatial neglect(USN)tend to have a right-facing trunk and/or head. Training these patients to rotate their trunk to the left is said to be an effective way to reduce this tendency. We believe that the leftward trunk rotation range increases if training is conducted after putting on a neck collar to fix the head and body. This is because when the patient turns his trunk to the left, the visual field is also unavoidably turned in the same direction. As a pilot study, we investigated the effect of leftward trunk rotation training with/without a neck collar on healthy subjects.【Methods】A total of 16 healthy subjects(mean age 22.6±3.8 years)were recruited and randomly allocated into two groups(A and B). Group A performed leftward head and trunk rotation 20 times after putting on a Philadelphia collar and group B underwent the same procedure without the collar. We measured the head and trunk rotation angle and the center of pressure(COP)displacements in both groups with and without the collar, both before and after training.【Results】The subjects in group B showed a significant increase in the leftward rotation of the trunk angle and in the leftward COP displacements compared to the subjects in group A. The group A subjects who decreased the leftward weight shift showed improvement in the rightward head rotation angle.【Discussion】Among healthy subjects, it seems that a neck collar interfered with learning leftward trunk rotation. It is said that head rotation and trunk rotation are kinetically linked. It is possible that when the head rotation was blocked by the neck collar, the trunk rotation was also inhibited due to the resulting chain reaction.


  • Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association

    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association 2014(0), 1647, 2015



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