RR間隔を用いた生活道路内走行時のドライバーのストレス反応に関する研究  [in Japanese] Study on the Stress Responses of the Driver in Residential Street  [in Japanese]

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In recent years, compared with a reduction rate of all deaths accidents, it is a gradual transition of death accidents in the residential street, it can be seen that the proportion of fatal accidents in the residential street is higher. Under these circumstances, the zone 30 and, are color paving, is progressing of the study of safety measures residential road, such as a hump, in standardization is progressing. However, it is not seen that speed regulations and safety measures in the residential street was studied whether to influence how the stress of the driver. In this study, to be driving in the residential street, to consider what effect the driver. As a method, performs a vehicle travel experiment, heart rate at the time of operation, the video, from the survey relating to the operation, studied stress at the time of operation in the residential street.


  • Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan

    Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan 51(3), 1226-1233, 2016

    The City Planning Institute of Japan


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