Geographical Distribution of Sexual and Apogamous Types of <i>Dryopteris formosana </i>and <i>Dryopteris varia </i>(Dryopteridaceae) in Taiwan

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Cytological observations of the mitotic chromosomes of <i>Dryopteris formosana </i>and <i>D. varia </i>(Dryopteridaceae) in Taiwan are reported. Only the triploid apogamous cytotype has been reported from <i>D. formosana. </i>This is the first report of a diploid sexual type of <i>D. formosana. </i>Counts of spore numbers per sporangium of herbarium specimens to presume the reproductive mode in these two species revealed that both sexual and apogamous types of <i>D. formosana </i>and <i>D. varia </i>are widely distributed in Taiwan. Although the sexual type of <i>D. formosana </i>occurs at relatively lower elevations than the apogamous type, such differentiation between cytotypes was not observed in <i>D. varia</i>. It is important to understand diploid sexual types to be able to explain variation in apogamous species, because sexual cytotypes should be the source of the variation observed in apogamous cytotypes.


  • Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica

    Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 68(1), 23-32, 2017

    The Japanese Society for Plant Systematics


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