Analysis of Heterogeneous Heat Transfer in Fabrics with a Three-Dimensional Model

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<p>In this study, we simulate the heat transfer and temperature distributiononthesurfaceoffabric over time to understand the heat transfer behavior when a finger touches a fabric. A three-dimensional finite element method model was developed, in which the heat transfer along the warp and weft yarns was treated independently. The model was based on the cross section, thickness, and weave density of fabrics. The material constants used in the model were mass density, specific heat, and thermal conductivity. The simulation results indicated that the longitudinal thermal conductivity of yarn has a large effect on the heat transfer in mixed yarn fabric. The same effect was observed in the experimental surface temperature results.</p>


  • Journal of Fiber Science and Technology

    Journal of Fiber Science and Technology 73(9), 234-249, 2017

    The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan


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