Successful treatment of mixed (mainly cancer) pain by tramadol preparations

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<p>The patient, a 70-year-old Japanese woman diagnosed with parotid gland cancer, underwent wide excision and reconstruction (facial nerve ablation, nerve transposition). At 1 month after the surgery, she was brought to our hospital's pain medicine department because her postoperative pain and cancer-related pain were poorly controlled. She had already been prescribed a tramadol (37.5 mg)/acetaminophen (325 mg) combination tablet (5 tablets/day). However, in addition to the continuous pain in her face and lower limbs, she was troubled by a trigeminal neuralgia-like prominence ache. Because this pain could not be controlled by an increase to eight combination tablets per day, we switched her medication to a tramadol capsule. At 11 months post-surgery, we then switched her medication to an orally disintegrating tramadol tablet to improve medication adherence of the drug. From 14 months post-surgery, the patient also used a sustained-release tramadol preparation, and she was then able to sleep well. Her current regimen is an orally disintegrating sustained-release tablet combination (total 300 mg tramadol) per day, and she achieved sufficient pain relief. Because tramadol is not classified as a medical narcotic drug, it widely available and was shown here to be extremely useful for the treatment of our patient's mixed (mainly cancer) pain. J. Med. Invest. 64: 311-312, August, 2017</p>


  • The Journal of Medical Investigation

    The Journal of Medical Investigation 64(3.4), 311-312, 2017

    Faculty of Medicine Tokushima University


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