The Development of Yellow Nail Syndrome after the Implantation of a Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker

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<p>Yellow nail syndrome (YNS) is characterized by yellowish nails, lymphedema, sinusitis, and pulmonary involvement and can be triggered by various underlying conditions, such as sinusitis or titanium exposure from an artificial joint or dental implant. Since YNS is potentially treatable, its timely diagnosis is important. The authors recently experienced a case of YNS in a patient who developed sinusitis, yellowish nails, bilateral edema of the extremities, and subclinical rheumatoid arthritis after the implantation of a cardiac pacemaker made from titanium. This case may be the first report of YNS induced by a titanium cardiac pacemaker. </p>


  • Internal Medicine

    Internal Medicine 56(19), 2667-2669, 2017

    The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine


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